April Is Podiatry Foot Health Month

The Podiatry Team

April is Podiatry Foot Health month. Spring and Summer are busy times of the year for a Podiatrist. Feet have been in closed shoes and not seen much of the fresh air after the long, cold winter months.

With summer approaching, patients start to think about the appearance of their feet.

Patients may start to be concerned about hard skin (callus), dry, cracked fissures on heals or the athlete's foot that has not cleared up and so may consider a visit to a Podiatrist for the very first time.

‘Athletes foot or Tinea Pedis is a fungal infection of the foot and it describes superficial skin infection of the feet and toes, predominantly caused by dermatophytes. Risk factors for acquiring infection include hot, humid climates or working environments; occlusive footwear, hyperhidrosis; walking on contaminated surfaces; and immunocompromised states.’ (NICE, 2018).

Here at Forest Foot and Health clinic, we offer patients advice on treatment for Tinea Pedis such as topical anti-fungal preparations in creams, gels powder or spray forms in addition to advice on aftercare from not wearing trainers for extended periods of time, alternating footwear, allowing shoes to dry out before next use, wearing natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo socks (the latter allow air to circulate around the feet and help wick away any excess moisture & sweat) as well as drying well and not applying moisturising cream in between the toes unless it is a medicated anti fungal cream.

At our clinic, patients are able to purchase for athletes' foot Daktarin or Lamisil (Terbinafine).

So if patients follow the above advice for treating athletes' foot, you should feel confident enough to get your feet back into supportive, comfortable sandals in readiness for the summer holiday season!


NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), Fungal Skin Infection, April 2018.

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