Nail Fungal No More: Lunula Laser Therapy Explained

Ever wondered if there's a safer, more effective way to tackle pesky fungal nail infections?

What Is ‘Functional Footwear’?

Functional footwear goes beyond just fashion; it's about supporting your feet and overall foot health. But what exactly is functional footwear, and why does it matter?

Healthy Heart, Healthy Feet: How Are They Related?

Did you know that the state of your feet could be a window to your heart's health?

It’s National Foot Health Week!

It’s that time of the year again, from the 22nd till the 28th of April, when we stop and celebrate the often-overlooked, unsung heroes of our body – our feet!

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Summer!

The Podiatry Team

Get your feet ready for summer! From fungal nail infections to verrucas, our Podiatry Team are here to help.

Cracked heels? Find Your ‘Summer’ Feet

The Podiatry Team

Get ready to flaunt your ‘summer’ feet! Discover effective solutions for cracked heels.

Sunday 10th March Is a Special Day in the Calendar - It’s Mothering Sunday!

The Podiatry Team

Why not put your mum’s feet first this Mother’s Day?

Understanding Nail Surgery: Your Guide to Ingrown Toenail Procedures

Jane Gillingham

Discover our nail surgery guide on treating ingrown toenails.

Are you experiencing low back pain? This blog is for you!

After many years of treating back pain, I have realised that...

April Is Podiatry Foot Health Month

The Podiatry Team

April is Podiatry Foot Health month...

How Can I Look After My Feet In Hot Weather?

The Podiatry Team

Spring is arriving and with that the summer arrives swiftly behind...

Forest Foot and Health Clinic Are Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Podiatry Team

On Tuesday the 8th of March, the Forest Foot and Health Clinic will be...

February is Raynauds Awareness Month

The Podiatry Team

Raynauds is a common condition...

How Can I Treat An Ankle Sprain?

The Podiatry Team

Find out how to treat a sports injury, by watching our video here...

Covid Kilo's Impacting Your Risk of Injury?

The Podiatry Team

We have all put on a little extra weight during the Covid19...

What Is Covid Toe?

The Podiatry Team

How Can I Treat a Sports Injury?

The Podiatry Team

Few people know that podiatrists are experts in...

How To Take Care Of Your Feet Going Into Autumn & Winter!

The Podiatry Team

From Summer feet to Autumn feet - how to take care of your feet...

Brilliance In Business Awards

The Podiatry Team

"I attended the launch of the New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards...

Hot weather, Sweaty Feet.. What shoes?

The Podiatry Team

When the weather improves, we have an increase in the number of people complaining about fungal...

Nordic Walking in The New Forest

The Podiatry Team

Did you know that Nordic walking uses 96% of the body’s muscles?...

Swift Microwave Treatment

The Podiatry Team

Have you ever had a verruca or know someone that has? Did you know verrucae are...

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Foot Health Week (12 April – 18 April)

The Podiatry Team

12 April – 18 April is Foot Health Week...

National Feet Week

The Podiatry Team

To celebrate National Feet Week which is taking place from 8th – 14th March, The Team at the Forest Foot...

Mother's Day Foot Treatment

The Podiatry Team

Here at the Forest Foot and Health Clinic, we have so many amazing mums that come into the clinic on a daily basis...

Resuscitation Training

The Podiatry Team

Our Clinical team, Physiotherapist and Customer Service Team refreshed their CPR skills with Katie Baker...

What Is An Ingrown Toenail?

The Podiatry Team

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the toenail becomes embedded in the skin. Ingrown toenails can cause pain...

How Does Raynaud's Syndrome Affect the Feet?

The Podiatry Team

We need you to help increase awareness and...

Valentine’s Day Foot Treatment

The Podiatry Team

With Valentine’s day on the horizon...

Good Care Month

The Podiatry Team

Did you know January is Good Care Month? We as a clinic take pride in providing the best possible care to each of our existing and new patients.

Podiatry clinic of the year

The judges praised the extremely high levels of care provided at the clinic, where the patient is always respected and confidentiality is paramount.

COVID 19 Update

Peter Nossiter

Dear Valued Customer As of the 8th June we will be re-opening our doors to both existing and new patients.

9000 Patients! What an achievement!

Peter Nossiter

We welcomed our 9000th patient this month!

What is Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment?

The Podiatry Team

Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy for the skin.

Charity Ipad

Peter Nossiter

When Natasha and Lance Beatty came in to have their feet treated by one of our Podiatrists

Second Heart

Peter Nossiter

Did you know that your foot is your second 💔 heart?

Diabetes Week 2019

Peter Nossiter

Eight things about diabetes everyone should know………


Peter Nossiter

Again I can sing the pleasure of our job!

100th Birthday

Peter Nossiter

Today we presented this wonderful, long-standing patient with some flowers to celebrate her 100th birthday!

Foot Health Month

Peter Nossiter

This April is Foot Health month, a chance to check that our feet are getting the care and attention that they need.

Get Outside

Peter Nossiter

Spring has sprung (for the time being) and we are already seeing the results.

Hampshire Life Leading Lady

The Podiatry Team

We are really pleased with the article in Hampshire Life this month, in which our Director...

Luxury Hot Wax Treatment for Mother's Day

Peter Nossiter

A treat for Mothers: Luxury hot wax treatment

What Are Dermatomes?

The Podiatry Team

The human body contains more than...

What Is a Bunion?

Peter Nossiter

The term bunion refers to...

New Year Resolution!

Peter Nossiter

February is almost upon us and I am sure, like most of us, your “New Year, new you”, plans seem somewhat of a distant memory.

New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards —Business of the Year!

Peter Nossiter

New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards for Outstanding Care in the community

Peter Nossiter

New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards

Peter Nossiter

What is Sesamoiditis?

Peter Nossiter

Sesamoiditis is inflammation of the...

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