New Patient Consultation - £80 (45 minutes)

Podiatry - £62 (30 minutes)

We provide a service of podiatry and foot care, whether you have a particular problem, you are unable to reach your feet, in any way cannot manage, or just want them to look their best.

Treatment may include:

Biomechanical Assessment

If you have pain in the feet, knees, hips or lower back, it is likely to be linked with the way you walk.

Price of treatment

Initial assessment £90 (45 minutes)

We have a variety of insoles priced from £45 that many people find comfortable.

If your needs are more complex, or you are looking for much longer lasting orthotics, then you may like to consider custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics using 3D Scanning Technology - £590

This comprises the following:

3D Scanning Appointment at £250 (60 minutes)

Supply of Customer Orthoses (with Shield Insurance) and Fitting Appointment £340 (30 minutes)

Biomechanics Review £62 (30 minutes)

Verrucae Treatment

Traditionally, treatments such as acids or freezing have been used. These may not be suitable - dependent upon your age, medical history, occupation or lifestyle.

Verrucae often require a course of treatment with does require a commitment, both to a course of treatment and also financially, so our Podiatrists will discuss the various treatment options with you.

Swift Microwave Therapy - £125 per session (a course of 3 treatments, one month apart, is recommended with a free of charge review 3 months after your last treatment.)

Needling - £150.00 (to include 3 follow-up appointments.)

CryoPen / Freezing - £65

Verrutop Treatment - £65 (a topical treatment suitable for children aged 6 upwards)

Nail Surgery

We prioritise infected/ingrowing toenails and will work with you to schedule surgery within 1-2 weeks of your assessment if surgery is required.

From £470 (this will include Dressings Pack, Limbo Dressing Protector & 4 Follow-Up Appointments 24 Hours, 2, 4 & 6 weeks postoperatively.)

Additional toe £130.

Fungal Treatments

Lunula Laser Treatment - A minimum of 4 treatments are recommended.

£75.00 per treatment for 1 hand or foot (15 minutes)

£120.00 per treatment for 2 hands or feet (30 minutes)

Four treatments are recommended and, if buying this full treatment package in advance a 10% discount will apply.

After the first treatment, patients will be issued with an aftercare package of products and an information sheet.

This treatment may not be suitable for all so an initial consultation with your podiatrist will be required.

Recommended treatment may involve applying a high content urea cream to soften the nail plate over a 2-3 weeks period, then returning to have the nail reduced and a topical treatment applied to the exposed nail bed to try and eradicate the fungus.

Some patients may opt to have the nail removed and to treat the skin, once healed, with anti-fungal products so that the nail plate can grow on skin that is free of fungal spores.

Toeflex Nail Reconstruction

If your nail has been permanently damaged, or is being treated for fungal infection, this is an excellent treatment for instant visual improvement. It is especially useful for instantly improving nails in preparation for a holiday or other special occasion.

£60 - Both 1st Toenails

£35 - One Toenail

£7 per toe for Toenails 2-5

Prende Warm Wax Therapy

Prende warm wax therapy treatment

Enhance your podiatry treatment with a warm wax therapy treatment £35


Physiotherapy New Patient Consultation - £75 (45 minutes)

Physiotherapy Half Hour- £45

Physiotherapy 1 Hour - £90

Sports Massage Half Hour - £45

Sports Massage 1 Hour - £90

Clinic Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm