Forest Foot and Health Clinic are pleased to announce that Angie Lacoste will be running breast and body thermal imaging appointments from our clinic.

Thermal imaging can detect the earliest markers of breast cancer and therefore plays an important role in breast cancer prevention. This imaging method also benefits many other conditions.

100% Safe - Non Invasive - No Compression
No Radiation - No Pain

Further details can be found on the website -

Contact Angie on 0333 7727749 or email to book an appointment.


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Nail Surgery

This is the term used to describe various procedures where ingrowing or problem nails can easily be resolved by removing one or both sides, or the whole of the nail under local anaesthetic and then applying a chemical to in order to prevent re-growth.

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Lunula Laser

A pain-free procedure that uses a laser to treat fungal nails, with no side effects.

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Swift Verruca Treatment

Swift provides our podiatrists with a new and highly precise way of treating soft tissue lesions on feet and hands.

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If you have pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back you may benefit from a biomechanical assessment. As well as ‘off the shelf’ orthotics, using the latest 3D scanning technology, we work with our partner company to produce custom made orthotics for you.

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This covers all essential treatment Including nail cutting, thinning down of thickened nails, corn and callus removal, smoothing of dry skin, treatment of ingrown toenails, dressings, padding, advice and application of suitable emollient.

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We all put our feet through so much each day, so let us relieve the pressure and make you more comfortable, whatever the problem.

Our professional podiatrists and highly skilled therapists bring decades of experience to our Cadnam clinic. They have seen everything our feet can kick at them, from problem prevention and diagnosis to comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plans – so they will know the best care plan for you.

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Feet

We carry out an initial foot health assessment and will provide you with a treatment plan tailor made for your foot health needs.

  • If you are in pain with an ingrowing toenail - assessment and the scheduling of Nail Surgery (if necessary) will be prioritised. We often carry out Nail Surgery after hours to help our patients and this can be done (by prior arrangement) usually within 1-2 weeks of the assessment as we know how lengthy wait times may be on the NHS
  • Specialist in the treatment of Verrucae - offering Swift, Needling, CryoPen, Acid and Verrutop Treatments
  • Biomechanical Assessments and Gait Analysis with 3D scan technology for custom insoles
  • We have recently been certified as a provider of Guided DolorClast® Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  • We now offer Lunula Laser Therapy which is a pain-free procedure that uses laser to treat fungal toenails (and fingernails) and foot fungus safely and effectively, with no side effects
  • Podiatry which includes specialist Diabetic and Rheumatoid Foot Care, treatment of nails, corn and callus removal, footwear advice and product advice to best care for your feet. If your nails are damaged, we offer Nail Reconstruction and if your skin is very dry or you have Eczema/Psoriasis or suffer with Osteoarthritis in the feet a Prende Warm Wax Therapy Treatment will both soothe and hydrate the skin
  • Physiotherapy including muscle stretching, deep tissue/sports massage and exercise rehabilitation programmes

And we're award-winning!

We're proud to have won the award for the Podiatry Clinic of the Year 2020 (Hampshire) and also proud to have won an award for outstanding customer care, from the prestigious New Forest Business Partnership Brilliance in Business Awards (2019)!

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16 Years on and my feet are in excellent condition

The Forest Foot and Health Clinic …….Side effects!!!!!

I was 62 yrs old when my partner Gilly laughingly said, “As we get older, it seems to be that our legs get longer and our arms get shorter, making it increasingly difficult to reach and tend to our feet”

16 years on and my feet are in excellent condition thanks to the numerous sessions with Hilary. Many treatments have side effects, (not always unpleasant), these turned out to be fun sessions with great treatment and laughter, gaining knowledge of each others interests and families and then when my partner died so suddenly the biggest and best side effect was their love hugs and caring during the funeral and ongoing to this day. So very thoughtful.

Thank You

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