Corns and Callus Treatment

What is corn?

A corn is an area of hard skin over a pressure area. It is a defined circle, and following repeated pressure the hard skin forms an inverted cone shape. If the pressure is not relieved, the hard skin can press on the soft skin below to cause a wound. Corns appear on boney prominences.

What is a callus?

A callus is a larger plaque of hard skin, often discoloured with a slight yellow colour. When walking, the skin on the sole of the foot responds to pressure & toughens up in order to protect the underlying tissues. Over a period of time, the skin can build up to become too thick and cause a problem. In elderly patients or patients with certain medical conditions, there can be a depletion of the fatty padding of the feet, which also causes callus to build up.



Corns and calluses are areas of hard skin caused by pressure or friction, initially as a defence mechanism. This can be due to over activity, medical conditions, poor foot posture, or simply from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Without treatment, they can become thickened, unsightly and uncomfortable.


Medicated corn plasters are available from pharmacies, but they are not to be recommended as they generally contain harsh chemicals or acids which can damage delicate skin.

At the Forest Foot and Health Clinic corns and callus are treated by:

Removing the hard skin

Finding ways to offload the pressure-e.g. toe separating devices, silicone pads, cushioning insoles

Looking to see if foot posture or biomechanics of the foot are causing these areas and prescribing orthoses.

Assessing footwear and advising the best type/style of shoe for your feet and your daily needs.

Advising on general foot care, such as using pumice stones, emery boards and emollients to keep the skin soft.

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