How Can I Treat a Sports Injury?

The Podiatry Team

Few people know that podiatrists are experts in treating sport injuries, and sprained ankles are one of the most common sports-related complaints that our physiotherapists treat in the clinic!

As we all know, Daniella is a keen netball player and has been playing the sport since she was at school. Although it is not always without injury! She has sprained both ankles many times - sometimes more severely than others. She now needs to wear orthoses to help protect and support her feet without damaging the ligaments further.

types of ankle sprains

In netball most of the injuries are usually ankles or fingers, either are not ideal. When an injury occurs the area often swells this is caused by the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells to the area to try and heal the affected ligament(s). To help reduce the swelling take the RICE approach:

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Rest to reduce doing further damage to the affected ligaments. 

Ice to compress the circulatory system and reduce swelling to the area. 

Compression to reduce the swelling and in turn the pain. 

Elevation to allow fluid to move more freely and help to reduce swelling and pain to the area.

swollen ankle bruising

swollen ankle bruising

The photos show Daniella’s ankle in swelling and bruising stages after following the RICE approach. Once the swelling had decreased, she was able to start doing exercises to strengthen the ligaments again.

If you have an acute sports injury, make an appointment with us for the best advice and exercise regime to get you back to doing what you love! 

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