Covid Kilo's Impacting Your Risk of Injury?

The Podiatry Team

We have all put on a little extra weight during the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown period.

Some of these kilo’s might seem harmless at first, but they can significantly increase your chances of foot injury and delay healing processes if not addressed properly.

Increase in weight can cause:

Chronic heel pain

Achilles tendon pain

Ankle sprains

Ankle instability

Shin pain

Knee pain

Lower pack pain


Calf and Hip tightness

Falls risk

    An increase in weight can also greatly increase your chances of developing major health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease! Which as we know are a risk factor for the worst symptoms of covid 19.

    What can I do about this?

    Limit fast food

    Small daily changes to your routine, e.g. increasing your step count.

    Speak to us!! We will assess if your discomfort and weight are associated with each other and provide you with some guidance in the form of exercises and use of insoles to offload different areas of your feet to make you feel more comfortable and allow you to take part in exercise to reduce your weight back down to a healthy range.

      Please contact our reception team to enquire about appointments, Telephone 02380 814903, or find out which podiatry treatments we offer here.