Hot weather, Sweaty Feet.. What shoes?

The Podiatry Team

When the weather improves, we have an increase in the number of people complaining about fungal infections and how best to beat them.

We are told to wear enclosed supportive shoes throughout our lives, although this can lead to problems in the summer.

When we are in enclosed shoes in the summer, our feet sweat more which can lead to fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

Which shoes should I wear?

In the Summer many people opt for sandals or flip-flops although these are great for reducing sweaty feet, often are not so supportive. What can I wear then I hear you cry?

Deck shoes offer a good alternative they are enclosed and usually made of leather which is a natural breathable material allowing the sweat to wick away. However, if you intend on wearing them on a boat where your feet are likely to get wet from the seawater you should not wear socks! Socks and wet shoes will encourage an environment perfect for fungus growth.

How do I beat a fungal infection?

If you acquire a fungal infection in your feet or toes it is best to get it checked by a qualified professional for the best advice. Alternate footwear, shoes can take two days to dry out from one days wear.

At the Forest Foot and Health Clinic we have two lovely Podiatrists ready to advise and treat your fungal infections.

So don’t be shy, give us a try!

The longer these infections are left the worse they get and become harder to manage.

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