Valentine’s Day Foot Treatment

The Podiatry Team

“Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.” Irish Proverb

With Valentine’s day on the horizon, many patients are getting prepared to indulge a loved one to a special day or a special gift.  At the Forest Foot and Health Clinic, we like to care for patients’ feet which are in much need of some TLC.

We know that a trip to a podiatrist doesn’t quite compare to a candle lit dinner or indeed a trip to Venice on the romance scale. Nevertheless, treating someone to have their feet seen to may lead to a very happy individual.

We often find that the condition of your feet can often bother others more than it does yourself!

Therefore, if you feel that a loved one needs their feet treated, whether it be for their own good, or for your own peace of mind, here at The Forest Foot and Health Clinic we are always here to help.

We provide the best love and attention that your feet can possibly get.

If you would like to indulge or in fact drop a subtle hint for a loved one; whether it be a partner, family member or friend, contact our team for an appointment, gift vouchers are also available here at the clinic.

Treat yourself or a friend to a pampering foot treatment? that is designed to moisturise your feet, a Prende wax treatment can help to ease foot pain and relax stiff muscles.

How to Book a Luxury Prende Foot Treatment

Visit our clinic in Cadnam, Hampshire, and we'll take care of you, or book online here.

Indulge in a warm wax foot treatment

Ease stiff muscles and lighten foot pain with a Prende warm wax therapy, a luxury therapeutic foot treatment.
The Luxury Foot treatment is designed to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. It also provides deep moisturisation and can help to relieve pain, relax stiff muscles and promote foot flexibility.

How will a Luxury Foot Treatment benefit me?

At Forest Foot and Health Clinic, we are devoted to ensuring the health and safety of our clients at all times. The Luxury Foot Treatment uses warm wax to soothe, moisturise and soften the skin on your feet. As the treatment involves paraffin wax, this particular treatment is unsuitable for patients with open wounds.

Remember feet need some love and care occasionally too!!!

To speak to us directly, telephone our team on 02380 814903