What Is Covid Toe?

The Podiatry Team

Covid toe can happen at any age, although affects children and teenagers more commonly.

The symptoms of covid toe vary from person to person. For some it is painless, but the rash can be extremely sore and itchy, with tender blisters and swelling.

There are a number of symptoms that are associated with the COVID toes phenomenon. Typically, the condition presents as toes that are painful and swollen and covered with reddish or purple lesions or bumps.

The symptoms are, in fact, very similar to those of a condition called chilblains. With chilblains, small blood vessels in the skin (usually on the feet or hands) become inflamed and cause pain and discoloration.

Chilblains are generally caused by exposure to cold temperatures or damp conditions (see our chilblains blog for more information on these).

What Should I Do About My COVID Toes?

We encourage you to call the clinic if you’ve developed discoloured lesions on your toes that you suspect may be COVID toes, especially if you are dealing with pain, itchiness, and discomfort that is impairing your quality of life.

COVID toes seem to be a temporary reaction and should go away on their own after about three weeks. However, that’s a long time to be suffering, and we can provide you with advice and treatments that can significantly reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

Could I Have COVID Toes?

Although COVID toes have been reported primarily in the younger age groups, the same symptoms have appeared in all age groups. If you have sudden discoloration of the toes, your toes feel cool to the touch, you have toe pain, or see lesions forming, call the clinic immediately.

Covid toes typically develop within a week to four weeks of being infected and are said to be mild in the majority of cases, with feet returning to their normal condition within weeks.

Should I Worry About COVID Toes?

Right now, there’s not enough knowledge available to truly understand this particular symptom. However, dermatologists and podiatrists and currently proposing that a diagnosis of COVID toes be grounds for getting a COVID-19 test.

How we can help

Remember to inspect your feet daily and take note of any changes in your skin. If you are concerned seek medical advice from our podiatry team here.

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