Charity Ipad

Peter Nossiter

Daniella wins a brand new iPad!

When Natasha and Lance Beatty came in to have their feet treated by one of our Podiatrists, Daniella, they explained that they were selling raffle tickets for a charity they had set up through Southampton Children’s Hospital charity called the Lahna Appeal.

Lahna was their beautiful daughter who they sadly lost at only 5 months old due to a simple virus that caused heart failure. They were determined to ensure a lasting legacy for her, so they have been raising money over the last 10 years to help other children at the children’s unit in Southampton.

To date they have raised over £95,000!

Their latest fundraiser was a raffle, with first prize being a wonderful new iPad! And our Daniella was the lucky winner.

Good luck to Natasha in the wonderful work she is doing to keep the memory of little Lahna alive. If you would like to know more about the Lahna appeal, click on this link...