What Are Dermatomes?

The Podiatry Team

Dermatomes...What are they?

The human body contains more than 100 billion nerve cells, these cells can be bundled together to form larger nerves.

Nerves originate in the brain and they ran through the spinal column all the way to the peripheral areas of the body such as hands and feet.

Due to this connection of nerves some people may experience nerve pain in their feet which could be a sign of trouble elsewhere in the body Typical nerve pain symptoms can include, but are not limited to numbness, tingling, pins and needles, cramping or sharp pain.

The diagrams show there are many different areas in the feet which relate to different nerves all of which travel up the legs and into the spine.

Cross referral between our Osteopath and our Podiatrists, helps provide you with the treatment regime specific to you.

nerves running through the human body

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