Second Heart

Peter Nossiter

Did you know that your foot is your second heart?

The heart is an amazing thing inside our bodies!

It pumps all our blood around our body and enables it to oxygenate in the lungs so that we can continue breathing and moving.

But did you know that it is not only the heart that pumps the blood – but also your feet??

Oxygenated blood is squeezed around our bodies – & even to our toes along our arteries. But the deoxygenated blood has to get back to our lungs again, often against gravity.

Veins have special valves in them which prevent the blood from flowing the wrong way. When the muscles move they squeeze the veins aiding the flow of blood.

The foot pump is a mechanism of venous return which works as we walk or run.

leg muscles

Regular weight bearing exercise keeps the calf muscle and foot pump active because the leg muscles squeeze the vein walks & help push the blood back to the lungs.

Compression stockings can also help to support the vein walls, reducing discomfort, swelling, aching and tightness when worn regularly.

As Podiatrists, here at the Forest Foot & Health Clinic we can help you to improve the way you use your leg muscles to help reduce oedema and aching in the legs. We will provide you with exercises and insoles to keep your body moving, your blood flowing and your TWO HEARTS pumping…..Contact our team here.