What is Sesamoiditis?

Peter Nossiter

What are sesamoids?

Sesamoids are 2 accessory bones which can be found in amongst the tendon below the big toe joint. These bones are unique because they are free floating in the tendon and are not attached to any other bones in the foot. Everyone has them though not everyone will experience problems with them. You can think of your sesamoid bones as 2 tiny kneecaps under the base of the big toe joint. They help the bones to glide over one another and aid walking. 

If everyone has them what goes wrong?

Sesamoiditis is inflammation of the sesamoid bones and the surrounding tissues and it occurs when the area becomes irritated. Sesamoiditis is more likely to develop in people who exert the maximum force through their feet, such as runners and ballet dancers. Those with high arches may experience also experience this pain because the pressure through their foot is higher than someone with a flatter foot. In addition, people with osteoarthritis may have weaker bones which can lead to inflammation around the sesamoids. The condition can be made more comfortable by placing an orthotic in your shoe to aid your walking.

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